Mediocre at Best

 In 2022, knowing someone who lives a thousand miles away from you is easier than knowing your own neighbor. Meeting a real live person has become an infinitely harder task that it ever was. My parents, their parents, their parents parents, always had a rolodex of "Smiths" and "Johnsons" that they just always  knew . I guess I always assumed that one day I would wake up and have my own Smiths and Johnsons that I took beach vacations with over our kids communal spring break or had drive way bonfires with every weekend in July. I don't know why I though this would be a natural occurrence or why I presumed these like minded people would just fall into my lap. Probably because 25 years ago, like minded people  did  just fall into your lap. There was no blogging, no Youtube, no Instagram, no internet even to allow people to branch out and realize that they are not, in fact, like minded at all. You didn't have the whole world at your fingertips, you had your neigh